UV's Original Music                           UV's Cover Tune Demos

               Spontanious FreeForm Pianistic Improvisation                                  
               Based on a Sigilistic Theme (over 10 min.)

                                                                                                                                        Nights In White Satin

              This particular improvization is composed around
              an inner in-cantation of a Spoken/Sung/Chanted Sigil.                                        
              You can hear the rhythm of the Sigil in the main theme                                         DejaVu
              which enters back in from time to time.
              Unfortunately my keyboard memory maxed out before I was finished
              (at 10 minutes or so I believe) so the recording
               does not come to it's natural end.
              Still I am very pleased that I captured as much as I did.
              It is a very spontanious thing when I get in the "zone" like that                              
              and just play for 20 minutes straight. Time dissappears for me                              Stairway2Heaven
              as I get lost in the music.  

            TheNewReality was a composition improvised in layers.
            I just went free form one track at a time beginning with a rhythm track
            and a piano track (which laid down the feel and the progression).
            from there I added track after track of  string pads, effects,
            piano solos, organ solos...  etc etc...until I felt it was finished. 
            The piece does actually tell the story of my paradigm shift.
            It was what I decided to express part way in.